Kansas Impound Auctions is an exciting new way to purchase impounded cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats and more!

Each auction is divided into Showroom and Live segments. During the Showroom, you can browse the offerings and place pre-bids on vehicles. You are strongly encouraged to visit the impound location in person and carefully examine any vehicles you may wish to bid on. Keep in mind that the offering venue does not have complete information on any vehicle, so descriptions and pictures may not tell the whole story.

After the Showroom, the Live Bidding begins. You must be a registered bidder and purchase an Auction Credit to place a bid. If you bid during an auction, you will use one credit ($4.95) regardless of how many bids you place during that auction. If the credit is not used, it can be used at an upcoming sale.

During Live Bidding, each vehicle is offered one at a time and a counter is started. If the counter reaches zero, the item is sold. If no one bids on an item during the Live Round, the pre-bidder wins.

Each time a bid is placed during the Live Round, the counter is reset and bidding continues. There is no advantage to waiting until the last second - in fact, you can lose the bid that way. Unlike other online auctions, no one can sneak in at the last second.
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